Success stories

Fortuna Sp. z o.o.

  • Field:Betting
  • Printing fleet:733 Devices

Printing cost in our organization is pretty significant. Just in Poland we have 500 branches and 550 printing devices. We print 12 million high coverage pages each month. We were sure we use really low cost cartridges. But after PrintNonStop™ made an audit and proposed to decrease our printing costs even further we made a deal. Now we have lower printing costs and also really brilliant quality. Our employees can focus on how to make better service for our clients instead of taking care of printing devices.

€ 14 194Saved per year
40%decrease of printing cost

Centrum Medyczne Luxmed Sp. z o.o.

  • Field:Medical
  • Printing fleet:500 Devices

The printing device service solution we are using now is in a league of their own. PrintNonStop™ is servicing 500 our printing devices and we forget even that we have printing devices. We do not have to take care of consumables, device errors, installations and etc. We remember our printing device fleet only when we need to print.

€ 7 570Saved per year
30%decrease of printing cost

Świętokrzyskie Centrum Onkologii w Kielcach

  • Field:Medical
  • Printing fleet:550 Devices

PrintNonStop™ began providing optimized printing device services a year ago. We are really satisfied with the printing quality and the fact that we do not have to care about ordering cartridges anymore. We are pleased with print monitoring software solution as we can easily monitor how many each of our offices and employees print each month.

€ 26 732Saved per year
38%decrease of printing cost

Cartridge Point Partner


Cartridge Point Partner is the most successful Sales Office in Poland. It has chosen PrintNonStop™ as their main and only product and built the Sales team.

There are couple of main factors that lead to success. First of all, the intensity of work done by Cartridge Point Partner employees is amazing. They are always leading in number of cold contacts and naturally it results into most contracts closed.

€ 124 597REVENUE IN 1 YEAR