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on your printing expenses
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Optimized service to manage your printing device fleet

Managed Print Services (MPS) Solution

Just in time delivery

Your resources are not wasted on managing printer fleet and consumables any more, as:

  • Consumables are delivered Just-In-Time. Free of charge!
  • Technical problems diagnosed in a few minutes. No extra charge for maintenance and repair work!

Simple billing options

  • You can pay per page printed and NOT ordered consumables, maintenance, printers
  • We issue invoice once per month


We are a provider that is not dependent on any brand. We will recommend you devices that actually suit your needs.

Works with any printing device

Our Managed Print Services (MPS)



We remotely monitor device counter info, alerts, malfunctions and consumable status.

More about the MPS software.

It is 100% free!

Automatic consumables supply

We deliver consumables right before they run out.

How it works

Device repair and maintenance

We repair devices at no extra charge.

How it works

Device lease

We provide new printing devices or update the existing fleet.

No upfront fee required!

How it works

live monitoring - in time assistance

The service is based on software that monitors any printing/copying device of your customer in real-time.

This makes it possible for our service personnel to deliver consumables on an upfront basis in addition to providing device maintenance in the shortest time possible.

  1. 1. Information reporting

    Configured devices regularly report alerts, consumable status and the amount of pages printed to our system.

  2. 2. Task activation

    The software analyses the information received from devices and automatically issues corresponding tasks so our service personnel can then service each particular device.

  3. 3. Delivery

    Our service personnel deliver consumables and/or repairs to the devices.

How to start?

We ensure that the start of cooperation is straightforward

Proceed from the 02 System Activation stage if you know what MPS is about.

Proceed from the 01 Pre-Contract stage if more information is needed for you before making a decision.

Installation of monitoring software

Our printing experts install PRINTlog™ software and also inspect the condition of your devices.

Real time monitoring

For 1 month period we use the software installed to gather data on printing volume.

During the period you will also be able to connect to our site and inspect printing device data on registered devices.

You can also observe consumable status of your devices and extra details about devices they are capable of reporting.

Free audit

We evaluate the printing cost with each model of printing device.

If the cost per page is high and the device monthly volume is high we may recommend you to swap the device with the one where cost per page is lower. We recommend leasing a device and guarantee your monthly bill for pages printed per month + device lease is lower than just for pages printed with your current device.

Compare and choose

The software observes printing volumes per month and we will make a proposal for a price per page on each device. So you can see monthly costs on each of your device in one simple sheet. You are then able to easily compare with the costs on printing you have had before.

Installation of monitoring software

Our printing experts install PRINTlog™ software and also inspect the condition of your devices.

Fleet inventorisation & new installation of new devices

We will evaluate the state of your printing devices. We may also propose to lease you new devices in case new features are needed or your current devices appear to be worn out.

Delivery of consumables

A minimum of 2 sets of consumables per each device will be delivered per each device.

Constant printer monitoring

With the help of PRINTlog™ MPS software, we are constantly monitoring your printers. This guarantees no printer alerts are missed and they are properly serviced.

Consumables supply

With the help of PRINTlog™ MPS software, we remotely monitor consumables status and alerts. This allows us to deliver consumables right before they run out.

Maintenance and repair work

With the help of PRINTlog™ MPS software, we remotely monitor printing device status and alerts. This helps us to proactively identify malfuctions on your printers before the problems surface.


At the end of the month PRINTlog™ software automatically issues invoice. You can check for what it is issuing by logging to your account on our website.

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