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PrintNonStopTM remotely monitors ANY printer or MFP at ANY organisation LIVE

No longer need to spend time and resources manually monitoring your printing fleet as PrintNonStop™:

  • Automates the ordering and delivery of supplies;
  • Streamlines invoice issuing and processing;
  • Manages service alerts and maintenance process;
  • Visualizes data in detailed reports and graphs: How much you print, supplies levels and other information;
  • Provides insight into all necessary data, which can be the basis for optimizing the printer fleet.

Works with any printing device

Who can benefit from our software


MPS is an all encompacing solution to boost the printer fleet also reducing print - related expenses by up to 30%. It also provides insights to the following questions:
  • Are you managing the consumables of your device fleet properly, i.e. if you use them till at least 5% of capacity left?
  • As our statistic data shows that 17% of consumables are removed from printers when they are still 20% full or more full and 34% when they are 10% or more full.
  • Are you instantly able to see who is printing, what they are printing, when they printed and on which device?
  • If you already are a MPS user, are you sure your supplier is charging you an honest and decent price on each print compared to the cost the supplier has?
  • Would it be profitable for you to switch printers?

Answer those questions by having the ability to access need-to-know business data.

Use PrintNonStop™, it is 100% free!

Are you already a succesful MPS provider? Well, probably the most value you can receive by using PrintNonStop™ software is the fact that the software is FREE OF CHARGE.

On top of that PrintNonStop™ software solution helps to enable ‘Best Practice’ MPS contract management by combining service management and billing solutions with highly effective monitoring and analysis.

There is no doubt, it is the most advanced tool for handling MPS contracts!

Data intgration

We can offer a smooth MPS software transition phase by integrating the data you are receiving from your current software solution into PrintNonStop™.

MPS software solution integration to your website login panel

Profesional service providers provide their Service Users with posibility to login to their website and view all the specific information users need. Users can view the information they are allowed to view by simple logging into your website.

Smart billing

When using PrintNonStop™, to issue invoice for a customer can take up to 10 seconds. Or invoices can be issued and sent to the customer automatically.

Try this feature, gain efficiency and save even more of your money!

You know you are an expert of cartridge business and believe your Customers prefer buying cartridges over pages printed?

No problem, if you dont want to transform your business to MPS. Just we would recommend to start using smart software solution to automate cartridge ordering process.

As PrintNonStop™ solution can automatically send consumables purchase emails when one or another of your Customer’s printer or MFP is about to run out of cartridges. The Customer receives a courtesy email with the link to your e-shop.

It is like having a virtual supplies sales rep sitting beside every printer in your Customer's office waiting to make a sale.

Contact us today to learn more about how PrintNonStop™ could help to grow your cartridge sales!
Want to help your Customers (cartridge dealers, MPS providers) to earn more?

Recommend them to use PrintNonStop™ software and have opportunity to pro-actively monitor their cartridge demand and plan orders.

Complete software solution


Any device monitoring

PrintNonStop™ monitors all brands, types and models of printing and MFP devices. This ensures that our software solution is capable of managing network and locally connected printing devices, using SNMP, manufacturer defined protocols (via HTTP or otherwise) or USB.

Consumables supply

PrintNonStop™ software detects if printing device is running out of consumables (toners, drums and maintenance parts) and automates the delivery process.

Problem No 1

Managing the fleet of printing devices is a time consuming task. There must be someone who should track and ensure it.

An assigned administrator for managing the fleet can be a responsible person at End-User organisation or preferably at a Provider organisation.

A notification alert about the printing device is running out of consumables can be provided through reports, tasks system or simply email.

Problem No 2

Managing multiple inventories of consumables is a critical factor in the profitability of Managed Print Services program. Shipping too many cartridges to Service Users results in freezing MPS provider's money. Not shipping enough cartridges means unhappy Users and costly emergency deliveries.


PrintNonStop™ is proactively estimating the dates of Consumables thresholds. It allows to set Consumables delivery notification thresholds for individual devices or multiple devices and send tasks or emails to a people directly responsible for Consumables management. One can be set multiple administrators based on region, department and etc. to be responsible for Consumables management.

How it works

  1. Depending on the chosed settings the system will activate a notification threshold:

    • based on "remaining Supplies percentage level" or "remaining Supplies days";

    • if each device or multiple devices assigned to some group are running out of Consumables. For eample, if on the same location there are devices that using the same model of Consumables, PrintNonStop™ can monitor and manage consumables not for each single device, but for multiple devices;

    • if each time Consumables inserted to the device are reaching a threshold level or when last or any other amount of reserve Consumable are left.

  2. When a printing device hits the specified Consumables level, PrintNonStop™ generates an order to our ERP module or any other ERP system to send Consumables. Or in case of End - user, simple email will be sent that can be forwarded to a supplier.

  3. After generating an order, a User is able to check if Consumables have been delivered to the printing device, how many of them is left at each device or group of devices.

  4. The software detects if the delivered Consumables have been inserted to the printing devices and recalculates the reserve Consumables amount.

To learn more about how Direct Consumables management (DCM) technology could help you reduce your inventory costs and automate your MPS program, contact us today.

Alert reporting

The software automatically reports to a responsible person (administrator) whenever a problem is detected in a monitored device.

For example:

  • a device is in error (e.g. a paper jam the user was unable to clear);
  • other errors/ conditions occur during the printing process;
  • key device information reported on a display of printing device (such as consumables or print related information, name of person and number of printjobs that have alerts).

PrintNonStop™also determines whether in order to repair the broken device it is necessary to call for specialist service. The module for accounting the service allows to estimate the time and costs of fixing the problem.


With PrintNonStop™ MPS providers can automate your invoice processing workflows, streamline error-free processes, and save HR costs.

PrintNonStop™ is a perfect tool to issue invoices or to generates reports, based on which MPS providers can issue invoices to End-users.

Process management

PrintNonStop™ is the only software solution in the industry designed to truly maximize efficiency of the resellers and MPS providers.

Our solution provides with a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance the management and delivery of efficient and effective Managed Print Services.

Business process transparency and intelligent process management enables MPS providers to have the lowest service cost in the market.

The software automatically orders products from wholesalers, provides advanced stock management, billing, contract management and SLA management. It can generate audit reports, commercial proposals, contracts, and other documents with just a single click or fully automatically.

Printing overview

A wide range of reports help to monitor profitability, income and performance against SLAs. Resellers and MPS providers can sure the contract is efficient and profitable.

With PrintNonStop™, MPS service provider can instantly view the printing cost for each device from any of his customers.

Simple to start

PrintNonStop™ uses cloud computing hence all the complex work is done outside the User's sites/servers. A monitoring application can be installed simply by clicking on the link sent via email. A user clicks on the link, PrintNonStop™ discovers all devices in the network automatically and his printing devices start to be monitored. All setup can be done in cloud.

How it works



The CONNECTOR is installed and running in the background on a Service User infrastructure (computer, workstation or print server). It retrieves data from network compatible or locally connected printing devices and relays print jobs, counters device and consumables status information to PrintNonStop™ CLOUD or PrintNonStop™ ONSITE.

The easiest and most recognized way to remotely monitor and manage any make and model printing device is to detect and manage data via network, using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) protocol.

To retrieve data from any make and model network connected device PrintNonStop™ uses Printer MIB v.2 standard, regulated by the 3805 RFC and also from so called Private MIBs.

Much more complicated task is to retrieve data from the devices not connected via network or not network compatible. However, we are experts in this and have advanced knowledge in this area so we can monitor ANY make and ANY model of printing device.

The development methodology applied at PrintNonStop™ ensures that if a printing device presents its data in ways that the system does not recognize, our development team will identify the way how to retrieve data from this device.

This is the reason, why we can monitor and retrieve information from most USB connected devices. However, if the device model is very old, our solution will monitor it by reading the print spooler, but not the real data from the device.

  • At least one Connector installation is required per device. However a single Connector can relay information from multiple networked printing devices.
  • Each of the attached non-networked printing devices must be connected directly to a computer that has a Connector installed.
  • The application is delivered in the form of packages of Windows installer file *.MSI and *.EXE. This enables the remote installation and simple to deploy solutions across the corporate network. Most popular Linux distributions and macOS computers are provided with corresponding installation files as well.

PrintNonStop™ does not collect from devices information concerning content of printed documents. Only if selected relevant setting during installation in CONNECTOR, documents' titles and user names of people who printed documents can be collected.

In order to change Connector parameters and e.g. initiate printing device discovery or change parameters there is a possibility for the CONNECTOR to respond to commands from the PrintNonStop™ CLOUD.

This feature is optional, can be disabled per Connector and is limited to several types of commands:

  • Update Connector version (e.g. in case new version supports more device models or has problems fixed);
  • Initiate network scan to discover new devices;
  • Change device query parameters (IP address of the device, device query method, etc.).

CONNECTOR for Microsoft Windows

CONNECTOR installs seamlessly in all versions of Windows starting with "Windows XP".

Connector for Linux-based systems

Linux/Unix based systems can be provided with two forms of CONNECTOR installations:

  • Proprietary, CONNECTOR as a mono (.NET)-based background service;
  • Open source CONNECTOR for rudimentary functionality that is provided with source code. This can be used on systems in high security environments and/ or that require strict software auditing;

Connector for MAC OS (OS X platform)

There is a version of Connector that can be installed on computers running Apple OS X software. A .pkg file is provided that can be installed using the normal package installation procedure on MAC OS.

Organizations with elevated security policies can use PrintNonStop™ secure data solutions.

The software has a requirement for secure HTTPS connection to the PrintNonStop™ CLOUD servers via the Internet when using PrintNonStop™ CLOUD solutions.

Reviewable data dispatch

There are strict security requirements on some environments where there is a need for continuous outgoing data review so that the Customer is sure no sensitive data is sent over to the CLOUD.

In such cases the CONNECTOR can be configured to save outgoing data to local disk first (or sent over to internal e-mail address) where system administrators can review the data before relaying those over to the CLOUD.

Encoding and encryption

All information transfers in the system are encrypted. CONNECTOR sends data over HTTPS using message-mode transmission mechanism.

  • Supports any type of printing device connection methods (Windows print server, direct IP printing device and workstation connected USB devices).
  • Supports all printing devices brands (HP, Brother, Canon, Epson, OKI, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Xerox, Pantum, OKI, Samsung, Triumph-Adler, Utax, Sharp, Dell, Kyocera, Develop, Toshiba, Philips.
  • There is no need for Windows printing server in order to track print jobs.
  • Integration with Windows Active Directory. When performing large scale installations, we recommend to use easy and flexible setup with auto synchronization of user and group information from a source such as Windows Active Directory.
  • Rapid device discovery. Network segments are scanned for printing devices in a parallel manner and takes just a couple of minutes. The software can be configured to perform device discovery repeatedly to discovery any new devices plugged into the network or via other connection methods.
  • There is no need for interactive operation when using .MSI installations files and thus the installation can proceed at a rapid pace when installing on a large scale.
  • PrintNonStop™ has built-in resiliency against network, power and other interruptions. It is able to monitor printing devices that may move, be turned off at any time. Network and power outages are handled as gracefully as possible and do not require user attention and/or interactive repairs.
  • Silent installation and uninstallation. The service can be delivered in the form of the installer file (*.MSI format) on Windows systems. When using .MSI installation files there is also no need for user involvement during installation on the workstation.
  • PrintNonStop™ respects network's bandwidth. It only runs when it is scheduled to run.
  • The CONNECTOR can be provided in a branded highly integrated, small device form factor. This makes installations much easier and faster when installing on premises where there are no servers or PCs that can be used to install the CONNECTOR.


The core part of the PrintNonStop™ system is implemented on the cloud. It collects information from the CONNECTOR, aggregates information and provides UI for User to access information on his/ her printing devices and printjobs.


Users with advanced security requirements have availability to use a substitute solution for the CLOUD. All the collected data stays inside the User's organisation and only with the User's permission the data can be forwarded to the CLOUD.

Advanced services and solutions


PrintNonStop™ CRM solution brings together all your customers' information in a single, integrated platform that enables you to build a customer-centred business from customer service right through to business analysis.

It boosts efficiency by providing businesses with smart tools to effectively develop a successful Managed Print Services:

  • Automatic commercial proposals generations;
  • Automatic contract generations;
  • Found devices integration to commercial proposals and contracts (including all model name, serial numbers and locations);
  • Automatic price assignment to each device function (various automatic price assignment methods available).

That implementation of this useful tool can definitely make a huge difference when it comes to standing side by side with some of your biggest competitors.

PrintNonStop™ ERP solution is tailored to meet the needs of the imaging industry. It integrates core business processes, inluding inventory and order management, with industry specific CRM and MPS solutions to streamline processes and information across the entire organization, thereby enhancing the organization's efficiency.

We provide data migration and integration service to 3rd party ERP systems. However those systems are not designed specificaly for imaging industry, so one should not expect achieve the high level of efficiency as if using PrintNonStop™ ERP.

Some hints what you can do with the help of PrintNonStop™ ERP:
  • All consumables and equipment is moving within the same system. It allows to view their movement history - when, what and how many consumables or devices were sent to the End-users. It means you can easily find information if servicing of any particular device is efficient and profitable;
  • Device model and cartridge model database is constantly being updated by us. As well as assigned recommened prices. So no your business resources will be wasted on that;
  • As our MPS software solution is estimating consumable demand for each device, MPS provider can make orders from wholesalers as accurately as till the last cartridge.

    For examle, a MPS provider is making an order of some cartridges today. He chooses the next order will be in 14 days. So software estimates and calculates what model and how many cartridges from this wholesaler the MPS provider needs to order today in order not to be short of cartridges for those 14 days.

Data integration via API

A seamless integration and 2-way communication method lets imaging industry players to easily automate invoicing to their customers, minimize manual processes, and eliminate human data handling errors.

PrintNonStop™ provides API to retrieve crucial information from the system. The documentation allows you to quickly connect your ERP, CRM systems with PrintNonStop™.

Data migration

It’s vital to have the right and required data in one place at all times. Our experienced team performs the necessary data migration without impact on your business operations and without loss of data.

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