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on your printing expenses
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All-in-one service package to manage your printing device fleet


Just in time delivery

  • Consumables are delivered Just-In-Time;
  • Technical problems diagnosed in a few minutes;
  • Your resources are not wasted on managing printer fleet and consumables any more.

Fleet optimization

  • Full service & support package;
  • We do monitoring for you. But you keep track of it;
  • Pay per page. Once per month.

Care for environment

  • Top quality recycled PrintNonStop™ cartridges;
  • Utilisation process on us, no paper work for you.

Works with any printing device

Our service package



We remotely monitor consumables and device statuses, alerts, malfunctions, device counter info.


We deliver consumables right before they run out.

Device maintenance

We repair devices at no extra charge.


We provide new printing devices or update the existing fleet. No upfront fee required.

How it works

live monitoring - in time assistance

PrintNonStop™ is based on our own software solution that remotely monitors ANY printing/ copying device of a Customer live. This makes it possible for our Customer Support personnel to provide consumables, office paper, device maintenance automatically.

  1. 1. Printing device

    Customers' printing/copying device sends it’s alerts, consumables levels, amount of pages printed to the PrintNonStop™ data cloud.

  2. 2. Data cloud

    PrintNonStop™ cloud analyses information and sends tasks to PrintNonStop™ service personnel what device must be serviced.

  3. 3. Operating crew

    PrintNonStop™ service personnel delivers cartridges, office paper or repairs the device.

Monitoring & Audit

We assure the lowest price per page printed

We evaluate cost per page printed with each printing device. In order to drive printing costs even lower device fleet optimization could be applied. Sometimes solution is as simple as swapping places of two printing devices.

Software installation

Our printing experts install the PrintNonStop™ software and also inspect the condition of your devices.

Next step

Real time monitoring

For 1 month period we leave the software to learn your printing volumes and habits.

During this period you will be able to connect to website and check all the information about the pages printed with any device, by any user. You will also see your consumables statuses of any device and more important information.

Next step

Free audit

We evaluate the printing cost with each model of printing device.

If the cost per page is high and the device monthly volume is high, we recommend to swap the device with the one that cost per page is lower. Or we recommend leasing a device and guarantee your monthly bill for pages printed per month + device lease is lower than just for pages printed with your current device.

Next step

Compare and choose

The software learns the printing volumes per month and we will make a proposal for a price per page on each device. So you see monthly costs on each of your device in one simple sheet. You are easily able to compare with the costs on printing you have had before.

Next step

System activation

Sit back, save money and enjoy Non Stop printing. We take care of printing consumables and paper on time delivery, device maintenance and repairs. How cool is that?

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