PrintNonStop™ Technology, Installation Requirements and Security Guarantees

Powered by cloud based unique software solution

PrintNonStop™ is based on our own software solution that remotely monitors ANY printing/ copying device of a Customer LIVE.

This makes it possible for PrintNonStop™ Customer Support personnel to provide consumables, office paper, device maintenance automatically.

Unique software solution

Key elements to perform


PrintNonStop™ monitors all brands, types and models of printing devices. We can service all device fleet of any Customer.


The software automatically reports to PrintNonStop™ personnel whenever problem is detected in a monitored device.


PrintNonStop™ software detects if printing device is running out of consumables and automatically generates delivery task for Customer Support personnel.


PrintNonStop™ is the only software solution in the industry designed to maximize efficiency of the printing device service provider. Our employee's intervention is minimal so service cost is always the lowest in the market. PrintNonStop™ software automatically orders products from suppliers, creates automatic invoices. It generates audit reports, commercial proposals, contracts, and other documents with a single click or automatically.


PrintNonStop™ provides detailed profitability and income reports for each project, each device, and even each service type. It is the only way to make sure the contract is profitable and efficient. In that way PrintNonStop™ assures that the contract is profitable and efficient. The Customer can also analyze his printing fleet efficiency.


PrintNonStop™ uses cloud computing hence all the complex work is done outside the Customer sites/servers. PrintNonStop™ software is installed simply by clicking on the link sent via email. Customer clicks on the link and his printing devices starts to be monitored by PrintNonStop™.


Organizations with elevated security policies can use PrintNonStop™ secure data solutions. We have many security options to satisfy any requirements.

Software component roles


Connector is installed and running in the background on a Customer infrastructure computer (workstation or print server). It relays print jobs, counters and device status information to PrintNonStop™ Cloud.

  • At least one Connector installation is required per device. However a single Connector can relay information from multiple networked printing devices.
  • Each of the attached non-networked printing devices must be connected directly to a computer that has a Connector installed.
  • The application is delivered in the form of packages of Windows installer file *.MSI and *.EXE. This enables the remote installation and simple to deploy solutions across the corporate network. Most popular Linux distributions and macOS computers are provided with corresponding installation files as well.
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The remainder of the PrintNonStop™ system is implemented on the cloud. It collects information from the Connector, aggregates information and provides UI for Customer to access information on his/her printing devices and printjobs.

Security guarantees

live monitoring - in time assistance

The application requires for there to be a possibility to do HTTP (and optionally HTTPS) queries to host on ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).

Encoding and encryption

Connector sends data over HTTP using message-mode transmission mechanism in series of JSON message blocks encoded using 3DES or (optionally) via HTTPS.

Retrieved data

Data on print jobs on the printing device are captured on the fly and are sent to the PrintNonStop™ server.

The data MAY contain:

  • Device total counter information and number of pages printed;
  • Supplies status;
  • Device status;
  • Paper size, number of colors used;
  • Name of the document printed (if user allows such information to be sent);
  • User name who has printed the document (if user allows such information to be sent);
  • Name of the computer used to print the document (if user allows such information to be sent);
  • Other print job parameters;
  • Printing device status at the time;

Supported systems


Connector application supports the following systems:

  • Windows XP 32 bit;
  • Windows 7 SP1 32/64 bit;
  • Windows 8/10 32/64 bit;
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 32/64 bit SP2;
  • MAC OSX;
  • Linux (RPM and DEB-based distributions).

Connector for Microsoft Windows

Connector for Windows family systems operates as a service. Thanks to this it is not visible to the user and automatically run at start-up system. Connector is installed on path "C:\Program Files\PrintNonStop (on x86 systems)" and "C:\Program Files (x86)\PrintNonStop" (on x64 systems).

Connector is written using the .NET Framework and requires .NET Framework version 4. Installation binary will attempt to .NET Framework version 4 on systems where it is not present.

Connector uses approximately 50 MB of disk space on the disk (not including the .NET 4 Framework dependency) and a working set of about 50 MB in memory when the service is in idle mode.

Silent installation and uninstallation

The service can be delivered in the form of the installer file (*.MSI format) on Windows systems. When using .MSI installation files there is also no need for user involvement during installation on the workstation.

Connector for Linux-based systems

Linux/Unix based systems are can be provided with two forms of Connector installation:

  • Proprietary, Connector as a mono (.NET)-based background service;
  • Open source Connector for rudimentary functionality that is provided with source code; this can be used on systems in high security environments and/or that require strict software auditing;

Connector for MAC OS (OS X platform)

There is a version of Connector that can be installed on computers running Apple OS X software. A .pkg file is provided that can be installed using the normal package installation procedure on Mac OS.

Other important features

live monitoring - in time assistance


There are strict security requirements on some environments where there is a need for continuous outgoing data review so that the Customer is sure no sensitive data is sent over to the Cloud.

In such cases the Connector can be configured to save outgoing data to local disk first (or sent over to internal e-mail address) where system administrators can review the data before relaying those over to the Cloud.


In order to change Connector parameters and e.g. initiate printing device discovery or change parameters there is a possibility for the Connector to respond to commands from the PrintNonStop™ Cloud.

This feature is optional, can be disabled per Connector and is limited to several types of commands:

  • Update Connector version (e.g. in case new version supports more device models or has problems fixed);
  • Initiate network scan to discover new devices;
  • Change device query parameters (IP address of the device, device query method, etc.);

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